Volunteer for Wheels

Saturday 3rd April & Sunday 4th April 2021

If it’s got wheels or tracks – it will be on show!

Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers are key to making community events run smoothly and provide a warm local welcome for many people coming along from outside of our region.

You don’t need to be into cars, truck or machines to get involved - we also need the assistance of awesome, helpful, energetic and friendly people over the two event days, as well set up and pack down.

When we need you

What you'll get

Each volunteer will receive a Wheels at Wanaka cap and a two-day pass to the show.  We’ll also provide you with shelter, food and drink whilst you’re onsite.  You'll get safety and how-to briefings and training where your role requires.

For more information or to see what’s the best fit for your skill set, please express your interest and desired role below.

How to volunteer

  1. We have three types of volunteers : general volunteers and then the more specialist tractor drivers and machine operators
  2. Fill in the appropriate volunteer form below- and indicate how you see yourself best helping, and when you think you'll be available
  3. From here you will be recruited into one of our teams and given your roster for the event
  4. You will be expected to attend our induction and meet and greet the crew - induction times to be advised.

volunteer FORMS

if you'd like to be a general volunteer and help with setting up, running and / or packing down the show, then click the button below:

volunteer Tractor DrIvers

Volunteer tractor drivers are needed to drive the show's tractors throughout the weekend. Click the button below to find out more:

volunteer Earthmoving Machine OPERATORS

As well as general volunteers, we're also looking for volunteer earthmoving machine operators to drive graders, bulldozers, moto-scrapers and dump trucks. If you'd like to be part of Wheels and you've got the skills, click the button below:

volunteer Team camping on site

If you are a volunteer and you'd like to camp on site for the duration of Wheels, we have arranged a free camping option. Please contact us to confirm the details.

Contact the volunteer Team

Any queries about volunteers, their duties, timings and conditions, please contact us by email below: